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Social Points offers the Gambling industry a unique opportunity. Facebook doesn’t allow Gambling firms to advertise easily on their platforms, with many restrictions on promotions.

A quick check on Facebook reveals that the Gambling community is very active on Social Media:

  • Ladbrokes 345,000 likes
  • BetFred 153,000 likes
  • William Hill 505,000 likes
  • Bet Fair 484,000 likes
  • Paddy Power 1,408,000 likes

So how could an online bookmaker use Social Points?

The key lies in our categories system...

When we set up a gambling client we can create all sorts of categories and sub categories; in fact the possibilities are endless. As a top line we would simply offer

  • Horse Racing
  • Football
  • F1
  • Cricket
  • Rugby

The Football category could then be broken down into different markets for example

  • Premiership
  • Championship
  • League 1
  • League 2

And then each division by team...

This means that when a customer signs up to your Social Points scheme they will only receive offers that are relevant to them, they may be a Leeds United fan living in Leeds and only be interested in sharing markets on Leeds with their friends so they would only opt in to receiving those offers in their Social Points programme, keeping it very relevant.

Social Points can turn each of your customers into a:

  • Ticket agent
  • Shop assistant
  • Event promoter

Remember, all the points that your offers generate can be turned into vouchers that can only be spent at your club!

Each point is worth a penny your scheme might look something like this...

Sharing 5 points
Clicks 10 points
Sales 5% per bet i.e. £10 bet value would be 50 points.

You can set all sorts of rules in place through the system limiting the amount of points that can be generated from shares and clicks to stop people ‘gaming’ the system (i.e. a sharer can earn no more than 20 points a day from clicks)

Don’t forget - all the points your scheme generates can only be used at your club!

Redeeming points is simple using our unique voucher code system or uploading your own codes through the portal.

We even offer a managed service to run the scheme for you.

If you’d like to discuss starting a Social Points programme for your online customers then fill in the form below and we’ll be in touch.

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